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Reviews for "Battle for Wayland Keep"

Wait a second.Wayland means on alien vs predator you know!Because When i play as an alien i see 1 doctor and 1 professor and something sees Wayland on the TV And the Electricity got off then i just got free then killed the doctor then i free some of my minions.This game looks awesome

Fucking Finally Finished It!
It ends at week 12 and you have to be quick with your hotkeys against "HIM"
took me 3 tries to kill that bastard...
Nice story and this gives depth as the prelude...

I finally completed it. It takes ages to beat.
the game is very difficult but you do get the hang of it eventually. It's also very original and amzing
storyline: great
Graphics: great
the only thing that I didn't like was that the combat gameplay. the actual controls are fine but it's too chaotic. perhaps if you run in combat so you dont have to walk all the way to a catapult leaving the gate undefended when teleport is recharging. but still one of my favourite games on newgrounds

prolly a really good game but it wouldnt load up for me. iv gt 4gb ram n a 2.3 i3 cpu... how much more do i need

you should put a full screen mode that would be nice. and before i forget when i had the gate the first time there was a glitch where the top of the screen at that moment the gate fell just stayed there