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Reviews for "Battle for Wayland Keep"

A good game, but bugs will keep it from a 10/10

First off, I want to say that the game is great. For a pretty simple game, it had a solid story (more story than you'd find in DA2 *cough*), some descent voice acting (wouldn't have minded more), and pretty good combat.

However, once I got to the final mission I had a couple bugs spring up on me. First off, on the night before I tried to patch up my keep and finish upgrading my armor. However, every time I clicked on the *shop* option on both the smith and the carpenter nothing happened. Leaving me with around 600 resource points I couldn't spend.

Needless to say, without my keep being at full strength I lost the mission. So I tried to load from my last point. Only to have the loading bar lock up twice in my attempts to do so. So, I'm kinda frustrated that I will not see the end of this game.

Anyways, keep up the good work, fix the bugs and I'll wait for the next release to come out.

You know what this doesn't remind me of?

Dragon Age. Nothing in common.
SARCASM ASIDE, it's a damn good game with a fuck ton of effort put into it. Keep it up.


This is one incredible fantasy game.
Not to mention highly addicting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tremendous effort.

I loved every aspect of this a game; gameplay, graphics, music, story. The most impressive part was the character dialoges which were considerably better than most of the big games with corporate publishers (Dragon Age II, I'm looking at you). I think the effort put into this game was amazing and deserves respect. Kudos.

No puedo guardar mi partida!

El problema es que no puedo guardar mi partida, ya habia llegado a la semana 10, y ahora debo empezarlo de nuevo?, waaa, luego de reiniciar mi pc, mi partida se borrĂ³!,waaaaa, por otro lado, es un excelente juego, pero como todos dicen tiene su lado "boring" =D

Jazza responds: