Reviews for "Ogre & The Witch"


I found this to be rather short but you did a really good job considering it looks like you just used color pencils, not sure if you used crayons either. Really short but it was still corny and clever I think. Experimental and funny.

The animation was nice since it was drawn from scratch on paper too. Do not see those or claymations too often either. The chest and one eyed ogre were cool while the witch and wizard at end stuck to the stereotyped looks which is nice to see since now in modern books and such they aren't stuck to a stereotype anymore which is good as well.

The voice acting was rather solid on this so I was happy to see some of that come in here. Not sure what the witch said half the time and I recognized just one spell from Harry Potter and that was about it. Funny how the ogre locked part of itself in the chest and returned to the cave after killing the witch with her pot.

Overall, probably took a bit of time but it turned out well so nice work there. Looking forward to future pieces as well.

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ToonCastleTV responds:

Ty very much ^^ This did take A LOT of time... and I used mostly PASTELS, with a bit of crayon ;) I did the voice acting lol :P had to get right into it hehe. and yea i just went with what felt natural during the entire production. Thanks for the review, really reviews like this is what keeps me working :)

Mi gusta

Pretty fun, just a bit short.

ToonCastleTV responds:

Yea only a minute but fuck, i covered everything i wanted 2 with it

Never loaded.

It stayed a black screen for about 5 minutes.

Wait, right clicked and played and it loaded. Sorry for the unjustified 0.

ToonCastleTV responds: