Reviews for "EnV - Bonus Level"


I never knew such an awesome song even existed.

Here I am again, just coming from another one of yours. Lawl.
What a freaking great tune this is. Again, the mastering is pretty top-notch. It's all perfectly clear and seems to draw attention to where it was intended from one part to the next.
The intro suggests "yet another video game sound" but it quickly builds into an epic ride. The impact of the song is slightly dampened in the transition at around 1:20, but it makes up for it a little while later with that lovely composition. Also, I'm a sucker for well-done synth slides (dunno if that's what the synth itself just does, or if it's actually a note slide, but I hope that makes sense).
Midway does an excellent job of transition to that sweet bell-thing by itself, and then in the build back up to the epic main melody (but this time mixed up a bit), which carries to the end with its fairly sick bassline.
Another good one.

A totally awesome song!