Reviews for "EnV - Bonus Level"

Alright, time to criticize.
The tune of the song is awesome, 4 stars for that.
The song will go great in the backround of a video game. Another two stars for that.
The bad thing?
The song is too damn repetitive.
Like Endgame by Waterflame, this song will get old pretty fast if you listen to it enough.
For that, -3 stars.

First off, AMAZING SONG!!!! Can't stop listening to it. Second, I was wondering if I could use this for an outro.

Holy shizzle, is this awesomeness even real?

Envy,can i use your great music as a backgroud music in a fangame of I wanna be the guy?And it is not for commercial purpose.I wrote this review just wanna get your permission.If you allow me to do so,plz send me a message! Thank you very much!

Great song by a great artist...what more do you want?