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Reviews for "Little Big Apocalypse 2"

Incredibly good!

It was stunning and I don't really care about the lagging. It's still worth 10 stars =D
You have amazing drawing skills, plus the story is creepy -and I like creepy stories ;) I had the chills when I saw the monster... but I liked it more when it had glowing eyes. do you know the forest god from mononoke hime? or the kaonashi from spirited away? those are one of the most creepiest things I've ever seen in my life... maybe you should take a look at them ;)

JMartin97 responds:

It is only the beginning of Sackboy's journey.. and only the beginning of the weird and scary stuff he will encounter. Thanks for the review! I loved spirited away and I know exactly what you mean.


The Crazy-RoboDeath thing was awesome with the Data-Wraiths!


Very atmospheric and a great animation style, can't wait for more of this compelling story.

Jesus Christ.

I have no idea how you could've made something so adorable and cute so dark and demented. That was truely amazing, i've never seen something quite like it. The scary part is that I was about to play LBP2 right before I saw this. It scared me actually.

Damn, wise beyond imagination!!

this is as dark as the pilgrimage of my dreams and the distinct time of my nightmares!!! sick as it can be!