Reviews for "Eggs and Bacon"

Definitely a new favorite!

Simple, to the point, and without a major goal other than to make the viewer laugh. Your time spent not submiting anything on Newgrounds was definitely spent wisely if it was what gave you the experience to make this. I tip my hat to your comic briliance, sir. Bravo. For this being a first submission, I would have to say that if you do intend to continue submitting flashes on here, keep this style. It's exactly the kind of thing that fits a flash such as this. ANything too detailed or more slopy would have distracted from the over all joke of just a couple of guys being silly in the kitchen.

Keep up the great work!

...and toast

BOOM xD loved it

LOL funny.

I love the randomness in this. I love the random dancing and the whole situation is just cheerful. Favorite part? "And toast, BOOM!!!".

im a newgrounds reviewer

so funny u should make that a song XD


that was amusing