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Reviews for "Sni[p]r 4"


That's my score.
I got bored after upgrade the rifle and the building to the max, but it was funny too.
I liked this very much, and the song just make it nicer, I give it a 5/5 and 9/10.

keep up the good work!

4626000 in 348 secs

it seems that this scores is the third time that's appearing
is it just coincidence or something more, like a bug or an specific harder part?

must say, that I was kinda impressed with this game.

Good work for a Test

Really gets crazy, and I played the original, some solid upgrades I'll say. I personally would want a fully automatic upgrade because everything just gets crazy to the point were spamming click isn't enough. Although I did encounter a bug with no being able to collect the fully upgraded weapon bonus, which might've been related to getting the fully upgraded base bonus first, look into that if you can, hate to see a bug like hat a in the final version ;)


i spent like a hour playing this instead of doing the things i needed to.


my score: 4626000
time stayed alive: 360 secounds