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Reviews for "Sni[p]r 4"

Very Good =]

Was a very good game, looks very basic but was quite a lot of fun =]

Jolly Good Show!

Welcome to Sni[p]r 4, a game with no story that is still so amazing and addicting. What's surprising is how simple this game is. It's quite common a game, but it's just so addicting. The art wasn't perfect, but then again, this IS just an engine as you pointed out. Inclusion of some great menu interface, and the music for both in-game and on the menus was perfect. But I do have to point out that there is a large glitch. After you beat the game, my mouse disappeared and even right-clicking doesn't return my mouse. Please fix that. Finally, the upgrade system: It's amazing, calling it anything but would be terrible, but please allow for the purchase of medkits (but make them cost a mighty fortune, like around $300,000, just to make it hard), despite this game being focused on how long you can survive.

+Music's Poppin'
+Great Menu Interface
+Good Art for an Engine
+Bountious upgrades
+Simple & Addicting
-Mouse Disappears Glitch

Your final score comes down to: 9/10 (because that mouse glitch really hurt), 5/5.

3Quarter-Aiming responds:

Thanks for that!
I'm fixing that mouse glitch now. I can right click to make it reappear - so I am unsure what is going on at your end.
I may also add medkits in an update (soon)!
Reece :)


9160 thats my score and im givin it to you as well great game


I'm tied with number 567 and score was 4,626,000 yea great game but some times when i hit someone it didn't kill them

Simple but fun!

My highscore was 35.052.000 and i survived in 908 seconds!