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Reviews for "Sni[p]r 4"


4.626.000 my score (is weird... the exacly same as nikeCC) and 389''

nice game...

Hard mode is epic

4329600 320secs that is my score and time


That's my score.
I got bored after upgrade the rifle and the building to the max, but it was funny too.
I liked this very much, and the song just make it nicer, I give it a 5/5 and 9/10.


my score: 4626000
time stayed alive: 360 secounds

Could use more effect and choices...

I liked the simplicity of the game but you need to add more choices in terms of your gun and your base upgrades. Having use of things like shotguns, rocket launchers etc would be extremely nice to play with. It would also be nice to add some form of assisting defence.

3Quarter-Aiming responds:

Thanks for the input! I may introduce these features to the engine soon, but it's great to hear feedback!
Reece :)