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Reviews for "Sni[p]r 4"

Jason X is 4th, lol

I got 32th spot. :/
Very awesome game

Just to let all know

length of time: 847
overall score: 132,648,000

Dont post your scores, you lost =]

- Jason X

Good work for a Test

Really gets crazy, and I played the original, some solid upgrades I'll say. I personally would want a fully automatic upgrade because everything just gets crazy to the point were spamming click isn't enough. Although I did encounter a bug with no being able to collect the fully upgraded weapon bonus, which might've been related to getting the fully upgraded base bonus first, look into that if you can, hate to see a bug like hat a in the final version ;)


This is a game you can play over and over again and it's still fun, unbelievable for a test. Hopefully more from you will be out soon.


This is a real addicting game, with nice graphics and easy to catch up gameplay. It is good that at first play I lasted for minutes. The graphics are nice.

The real problem is that it starts lag when the blue ones appear and it become almost impossible to play it on high and normal quality. I lost not once because of this. It still solw on low quality but playable. Other problem: it resets quality. Once I set it low and after I lost the game it turned back to high, so I had to play like that.

I really want to play this, so I waiting for performance update :) 5/5 (for the gameplay) and 7/10 for the bugs.