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Reviews for "Sni[p]r 4"


i spent like a hour playing this instead of doing the things i needed to.


I KEEP ON LOSING AT THE BLUE TANK PART!!!!!! Either lower the prices on the weapons and base upgrades or make the tanks easier to kill or make an upgrade to kill multiple people in one shot or all!!!!!!!!!


At first things are slow, but when the enemies start coming in armies at a time, the game gets REALLY fun. This is probably one of the best defense games I've ever played. Well done.

good but....

i got the best wall and the second best sniper, but then there showed up some coloured tanks and raped me. and as mrbig below me said, shouldn't building get healed after 'grading?

Lacking quite a bit

There were many things that I felt were missing from this game. Manual reload (If there was one, I didn't find it). It made it pretty difficult when there were many enemies to deal with. The difficulty itself didn't really come from enemy health, but more so from just the amount of enemies and the lack of a repair feature.

I didn't make it very far, but from what I noticed there wasn't much variety in the enemies, though the focus on different weapons and.. buildings was nice. Though a logic problem occurs to me. When you upgrade your building, shouldn't it be at full health? It's an entirely new structure.

On the other hand, there are some good points. The gameplay itself was fast paced and enjoyable, the sounds and music were alright, the large variety in weapons was nice as well.

All in all, it's nothing to really scream about but still enjoyable for a little while.