Reviews for "Siegius"

This game...

Is beastly! Amazing artwork, amazing gameplay, amazing narration throughout the game. This game offers hours of enjoyment and stays fresh throughout each campaign. One of the best flash games to date... hands down.Good job

it was easy too play

and also had hard in it and blood wesome


excellent and the music of Castle Crushers fits perfect!!! :D

Okay game

It gets an 7 from me because its kinda laggy, and its okay. Not bad, not that good. Seems like another one of those side scrolling strategy games. If I were you i would make something that you would like to play, not something that everybody is making these days. But if you want to play something like this than go for it, i really think you should go further in improving this game, like medal, secret items and funny things. but that is all up to you. Okay game anyhow.

Juice-Tin responds:

The game actually has everything you mentioned above, play a little longer and you shall see ;)

pretty good!

i've seen MANY attack-the-base games,and this is 1 of the best i've seen. good job,keep it up.