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Reviews for "Incident 1000a"

Cheshyre never fails to deliver. Perfect song to accompany the video, and also a rather fitting "theme song" for Tricky. The fast-paced tempo combined with the rapid oscillating between different motifs/recurring themes does a great job of giving the impression of relentlessness, and indeed, unstoppability. The song barrages you with a slew of melody lines and you couldn't stop or slow down the sensory overload even if you tried. It's moving at too fast a pace to question it or try to make sense of it, so you just have to roll with it and see where the song takes you. Tricky, too, displays this sort of unstoppable aggression and unpredictability. He's just a constant menace throughout the course of the series, having killed pretty much every main character save Sanford and Deimos at least once, as his possession of the Portable Improbability Drive arguably makes him the most dangerous character in the entire Madness universe. He's essentially the driving force behind the series; whenever an important plot point is reached, you can bet it was initiated by Tricky. Jesus going rogue? A result of Tricky killing him. Hank being tortured and broken? Done at the hands of Tricky. Auditor dying? Caused by Tricky. He's pretty much the main villain at this point; even though the Auditor is technically the end-all-be-all antagonist of the series and masterminded the whole corruption of Nevada, I feel that Tricky fits the mold of mascot villain much better than Auditor does. Auditor is more of a plodding, gradual chaos that spreads like an infection, while Tricky is the type of chaos that we see prevalently throughout the series, the batshit insane, completely spontaneous, completely malicious madness that has plagued Hank since he began hunting the Sheriff. Not even death can hold him back; he just pops back up stronger than before. And even when he did die for good, his corpse still possessed enough power to vanquish the Auditor, a foe that neither Hank nor Jesus could defeat. He's a damn powerhouse, and you can never tell what he's going to do next, either; is he going to revive Hank, or is he going to finish what he started? Is he going to finally die, or is he just going to come back stronger? It's impossible to tell, and it makes him a very engaging character, and it's this unpredictability and chaos that makes this song enjoyable as well.

I'm only giving it four stars because I feel that at some points the song gets too wild for its own good and I'm struggling to make sense of all the different shit going on. I also have this problem with Tricky, where he's just suddenly a demon or just suddenly killing the Auditor. It's too spontaneous... which only means you managed to capture Tricky perfectly. Basically my problem is with Tricky himself and not the music. Fantastic work, anyways, and I hope M:PN2 works out for you.

This song brings back some good madness memory's for me. I HOPE it continues. Anyways love the song dude.

Personally, I think this song is a bit *meh*
Its still O-K to listen to but especially in comparison to most of your other songs its still quite *meh*

Hank:(Enters S.D.C base) S.D.C Officer: What the...?(Get's shot by a silenced colt.) Cue music.