Reviews for "Incident 1000a"

This piece of hardcore techno, seriously there is not too many songs with much techno but there is NO SONGS with THIS much. I also like the kick-in at 1:17. You never comfort to a style, EVER. Always you brind a new kind of song to the board.

This is basically my favourite music! Cheshyre always makes the music i like, insta 5 stars!

ai love cheshyres style

It is not good but not too bad.I think The Whistler it better than this.

This song is my favourite song, I am not kidding. The best part is when the song kicks into gear from 1:17-1:30. However I got two thing that I dislike about the song. One it's dies down after 1:30 and second my favourite part as mention is rather short.

Still worth my five stars. ^_^