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Reviews for "DuckLife3: Evolution"


The game DuckLif3: Evolution is relatively easy (much like Borderlands. The difficulty I mean. There nothing alike. >_>) I would recommend restrictions for the training mini-games. You can easily get away with reaching the max level. Might as well not turn it into a mini-game while your at it. =) But overall the game is highly addictive, fun, but lacks a good challenge.

Was a fun game... Until it screwed up =/

Imma rate it a 7, was fun to play though when I got to the "Finals" in the second phase of evolution the game completely bugged out and was spamming through tons of training screens and the menu screen in a random order really fast and lost any kind of functionality ... Would rate the game a 9 since its fun but that bug has kinda annoyed me.


dont know why it wasnt frontpaged


Supreme duck!! dude this is one of the most awesome games of i play, i give you 10/10

Amazing but

The game is excelent good concept and i really like it :D i just have a problem with the bug ... when i finished the races i can't play again and my bird evolved like 5 times ... and i want to play where i leave ...