Reviews for "judgement day may 21 2011"

well if the world is gona end

Guess ill have to die with style...
time to break out my stereo set and blast doom 2 music.

i mean cripes, i believe there's a god and jesus did exist, but i'm not gona devote my whole life to religeon.

nonetheless good flash, short, sweet, funny.



if the faithful ascend to heaven and everyone else is left to die... then I guess im f***ed.

btw all those walmarts out there are to be looted by my friends and me.


In the event of the Rapture, I'm probably going to hell for writing this review.

Anyways, those earthquakes are pretty bad, but I thought we'd have Old Faithful erupt before anyone comes for any rapture.

Also, nice animation, it's clear it was done on short notice, but it's pretty good for that.

It's funny, I was thinking of that exact song playing during the "apocolypse" before I watched this yesterday, but could not come up with the name or where I heard it from, what is it?

captainTAICHOU responds:

the song is from mario rpg for super nintendo. It plays during the introduction.

Judgement day..

Already happened in 1990,2000 and even in 2002 when The Undertaker defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan and WWF change it's name to WWE... oh cmon! The judgement day only comes when we destroy our ozone... oooor maybe an asteroid bang the earth.. Everyone says everything to scare the sh*t out of the people. And who are religious or/and "demented/weak minded" will believe these gossips. This millennium is the SCIENCE's millennium. Think about it.

pretty funny

I laughted and it was also pretty smart