Reviews for "judgement day may 21 2011"


I was waiting for a song :/ But it was nice, and a bit funny, not the best, but good enough.


if the faithful ascend to heaven and everyone else is left to die... then I guess im f***ed.

btw all those walmarts out there are to be looted by my friends and me.

A nice little short

I agree, I don't believe the world is going to end. But hell, it's an excuse to throw an amazing party, so I'll do that.

Art- Bad, but for something like this, it doesn't matter.
Music- Entertaining and fitting
Animation- Pretty alright, once again, it doesn't matter much.
Voice Acting- Good, the characters sounded believable enough anyways

Total- 8

Overall a good flash, hope to see more like it in the future

well if the world is gona end

Guess ill have to die with style...
time to break out my stereo set and blast doom 2 music.

i mean cripes, i believe there's a god and jesus did exist, but i'm not gona devote my whole life to religeon.

nonetheless good flash, short, sweet, funny.



lol "in yor face bitch! in your face!!!!"