Reviews for "judgement day may 21 2011"

Party Like it's 1844

God this looks like one of those stupid ass-duff movies, like their version of a religious epic. It's also a waste of time, because once again it derails religious types without putting any real thought into it. Just point at, defame, move on, eat, drink, sing and be merry for tomorrow has no end, and blah blah blah.

It's time to end this shit. Besides, it's irresponsible. The last thing you want to do is laugh at the wisdom of the ancients when you don't have a clue about what they were actually saying. That goes for people who misinterpret (often literally) holy scripture. Seems a lot of people just miss the point.

The people who wave signs that the world will end often do so because nothing is infinite, everything collapses and, for them at least, something has made them reconsider their old assertions about our mortality. There's a lot to be said about someone who anticipates horrors and one who lives without a care about the future.

Why May 21, 2011? Got a more magical date than that? There's a thunderstorm tonight where I live. I don't think one of those is the beginning of something called the "Rapture". It's just another minor miracle we can only study but never truly duplicate. The world will end when it wants and we can do nothing to stop that. The only thing we can do is quit bitching at each other over who believes what. That way, OUR own little world might actually be saved.

Post-Script: This is okay. It should never have used music from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, but it works. This might even get Front Page and, if it does, hats off to you. Whatever. I still say it could have been better than just another ASS-DUFF movie. Kind of kills the message, right?

captainTAICHOU responds:

message? what message? I think you are looking too deeply into this. I watched Naruto, ate some chips, made a flash about judgement day and then i masturbated for 5 minutes.

There's no message in this video, trust me.

This made my day!

I'm an Atheist and I think the day is not our Judgement day, but God's judgement day. Tomorrow will prove if he's real or not.
Oh, and Judgement Day has already happened in Terminator 2. LOLOLOL


In the event of the Rapture, I'm probably going to hell for writing this review.

Anyways, those earthquakes are pretty bad, but I thought we'd have Old Faithful erupt before anyone comes for any rapture.

Also, nice animation, it's clear it was done on short notice, but it's pretty good for that.

It's funny, I was thinking of that exact song playing during the "apocolypse" before I watched this yesterday, but could not come up with the name or where I heard it from, what is it?

captainTAICHOU responds:

the song is from mario rpg for super nintendo. It plays during the introduction.


This made me smile. Thanks for that.

Haha Right On

That whole may 21st thing is a load of crap.