Reviews for "judgement day may 21 2011"


You, my good sir, are a genius! I don't believe in any of this shit either! It's ridiculous that one day everything would be fine and the next the world would end. So I applaud you sir.

good idea

great idea, well executed, quite funny. and word of advice for all my people on ng, if you see 1 of the people saying the world is going to end on 5/21/11 ask them for the deed to their house

im pretty sure it was 22 september 2012

or maybe its another judgement day?

seriously, when you happend to have this many failed judgement days on your back you get skeptikal

like, how many times were we supposed to die till now? 5? 6? its getting old, awww, i wish we were dead :(

anyways, pretty nice flash, congrats

Judgement day..

Already happened in 1990,2000 and even in 2002 when The Undertaker defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan and WWF change it's name to WWE... oh cmon! The judgement day only comes when we destroy our ozone... oooor maybe an asteroid bang the earth.. Everyone says everything to scare the sh*t out of the people. And who are religious or/and "demented/weak minded" will believe these gossips. This millennium is the SCIENCE's millennium. Think about it.

Judment Day is a rumor

I heard about this rumor several days ago from a religion booklet telling that God will judge us after 7,000 years passed Since Noahs Ark (The Universal Flood) .

Every Person can tell different opinions based on cultures . I can tell Judgement Day is an interesting Topic . You may saw Terminator , 2012 , Armageddon , The Day After Tomorrow movies for example they show lots of natural disasters that can happen to a World on Apocalipse . My point of view is that God wont cause The Earth Destruction . God Creates and enchants Earthlings with his Wisdom. But Humanity must learn to live in armony with the planet . Try to enjoy Life , Do Charity , enforce love and make neightborhood and the World ifself a better place to live! .

About the Movie:

The prophet is safe in his dream at May 21 snd moves like a God? I wish we Earthlings can have X Men Powers on the Judment Day lol . and yes We can laugh the may 22 day of all that silly prophecy .

Funny Comedy Movie made me forget about the quality and make me laugh a lot . Have a Happy May 21 day Newgrounders! Happy Weekend!