Reviews for "judgement day may 21 2011"


So i sorta kinda died laughing... and the flash was so smooth it was pretty amazing im uber impressed make moar.....pwease or judgement day will get you


This goes to show you, you can't follow whats in the history book like the bible that has been rewriitten many times.


People are so fucked coming up with end of the world bullshit. Nice flash :)

Silly christuns

What won't they believe?

Oh yes, the truth...

Don't insult religion

Insult the faggots who bend the words of God.

Ok, enough religious info.

I LOL'd at the flash because it's true! Really, how many more apocalypses will we survive?
And I'm sure that the REAL apocalypse will be the fault of mankind itself not God. (believe what you want on that tho)