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Reviews for "Charmeleon vs Agumon"

This is childhood right here. Before the lineup change Pokemon and Digimon were watched every morning before school and afternoon during Fridays. Saturday mornings were Digimon filled days followed by Transformers and Marvel shows.

Has there ever been a Digimon vs Pokemon game?

Anyway awesome work as always. Keep the good times coming!

This is a great art piece.

I personally think that Agumon would win this.Because first of all he can talk, so he is obviously smarter.and in Digimon it is possible to kill other Digimon and Charmeleon usually just knocks out there opponent.

The lightning resolving around charmeleon's tail is amazing!

Rooshie responds:

thank you!

Both are my favourites from their respective shows. I would be happy if either of them won lol

Rooshie responds:

Youre so kind to them

Normal Agumon vs Charmeleon? Charmeleon wins.

But if it is the Agumon from the first movie, then Agumon wins.

Rooshie responds:

that agumon was a mini t-rex.