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Reviews for "The Assignment Part 2"


It reminds me of me and my best friend ! I'm writing my 12th grade research paper right now too! The only thing is my best friend doesn't have brown hair plus we're both from Central America, lolz. I'mma show him this sht ASAP.

somezombie responds:

Cool, you can relate to the story :D, and the characters! Wait, soooo you speak spanish? go and watch my spanish spoken version of this! you'll probably enjoy it more!

Very funny!

I loved the voice acting, that is actually what made it more funny to me. Just the awkwardness in a lot of the dialog. Your funny man, keep with it. Fuck the rest of these chumps underneath me, they are small dicked haters.

somezombie responds:

Thanks man and don't worry about it, it's all good :).


Story of my life collage math SUCKS!

There must be more coming,

because this is too awesome to stop here. The Assignment Part 3 will be epic.

somezombie responds:

I don't know about The Assignment part 3... But definetly similar (or the same) characters and same scenarios.


HAHAHHAH!!!H HAHAHHAHAHAA! .... yea.. funny, like the first one.. hehe