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Reviews for "The Assignment Part 2"


last time I fell asleep in class my teacher threw her keys in my face.

somezombie responds:

LOL no way!! you should've headbutted her!!

i didn't see the first.

Im just going off what i seen here and i liked it. Thought it was amusing and the accents cool. Good job all round, your actual toon style is fresh to me and nice.

somezombie responds:

Crap I tried to hide the accent a little bit, but thanks for that one! :D

I'm glad you like the style, although I'm gonna experiment a little fot my next animation... wait for it :P

My 8 is kinda like most people's 9 :P

I don't remember how my review went with the last part, so I hope I don't repeat myself too much.

Your drawing style is unique enough to stand out, and fluid enough to not look lazy, so props for that. I don't like it when I can clearly see what has been tweened and what hasn't, and even though you use a lot of auto-corrected shapes and straight lines, it actually kinda plays toward the charm of the animation.

The plot and story telling is clear enough, though for people with horrible memory like me, a really short refresher of what happened last time wouldn't hurt.

Sound wise, you seem to do well picking appropriate songs and do well to stick to music from the audio portal. When the music came in the first time, I felt it was a little loud (or the voice was a little soft before it), but otherwise your sound design is on par. You could gain a bit of detail by adding background sounds to different locations. Nothing too loud or crazy, but enough to fill in the spaces between bits of dialog.

Where your animations really lose their momentum is in the voice acting. Its not poorly voiced, and the actual quality of the voice samples is fine, but you need to gather some outside people for voice work. Try posting to the front page for a casting call. If each character had a unique and expressive voice, it would really add some color to the overall production.

Good work, and I look forward to seeing what craziness you come up with next.

somezombie responds:

Drawings: Thanks for the compliment on the drawing style. About the auto corrected shapes and straight lines, I just found it easier to work that way while I still don't have a tablet. I'm saving for it though.

Plot and story telling: Yes, it did missed a short reminder of what happened last time, sorry about that.

Voice acting: Next time I'll find some friends that could help me with the voice acting cause I can't do all the character voices... The thing is I need them too speak english and spanish for now :P.

Sounds: I already have the idea for my next two animations, and the only sound I'm gonna use in both of them will be a background song, so no voice acting or sfx for now. I will keep in mind what you said about the background sound though... When I'm back at telling a normal story with dialog I'll problably ask you for advice on actual audio help. Thanks a lot man.


haha twas good!!! :D

somezombie responds:



Very funny, kinda reminds me of me when I'm late with work

somezombie responds:

Sucks doesn't it? XD Glad you liked it.