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Reviews for "The Assignment Part 2"

Awesome stuff

I laughed so much when the teacher started drawing in his face. Reminds me about my high school History teacher who would come next to sleeping students and scream in right in their ear, or my English teacher who would throw chalks and even her shoes at those.

Besides, great animation. The graphical part was not extremely amazing, but the humor pretty much makes up for it. 5 & 10.

somezombie responds:

Yeah, that's one of my fav parts XD. WTF her shoes? LOL!
Every new animation I work a little more on the graphic part... I'm glad people have a good laugh with this. That's what I was aiming for.


God damn I hate it when I mistaken my due date for my homework, It's ushually late when I guess its date. Really like the videos! keep it up!

somezombie responds:

Thanks! might take a while but I'll work hard on them!




Story of my life collage math SUCKS!

Very funny!

I loved the voice acting, that is actually what made it more funny to me. Just the awkwardness in a lot of the dialog. Your funny man, keep with it. Fuck the rest of these chumps underneath me, they are small dicked haters.

somezombie responds:

Thanks man and don't worry about it, it's all good :).