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Reviews for "The Assignment Part 2"

Strange Story Line

The flash doesn't really make that much sense. Like what was that thing that just attacked the main character in the PC? Though the animation and voice acting was okay. It was long enough for me to consider it entertaining. It look liked it took some effort. So how about I give it a seven and call it okay?

somezombie responds:

Okay! :D
BTW you could understand the part with that thing coming out from the PC if you go watch part 1 :).

This animation and the first were great

Despite audio flaws, this animation has good writing and jokes that made me chuckle. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

somezombie responds:

Thanks! the audio won't be much of a problem in the future i hope :D.


was a tad predictable. I knew as soon as he started doing the project that it would turn out to be due in some time in the future. The voices were not very expressive and the animation was mediocre. It didn't suck though. I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. Keep at it and your bound to get good.

somezombie responds:

Predictable? you knew it? a lot of things could've happen... It could've been too late for the project, he could've not finish it, it could've been of another subject, the plot could've go on forgeting about the project, and what's the point on writing more things down? I actually love the feedback, but I honestly don't think this was predictable.

You say the animation was mediocre. I accept that, but I couln't have done it any better, I'm just a beginner. I do focus on making each animation better than the previous one.

And about the voices... I though they were actually pretty expresive (except in the part where the characters are thinking), but i'll definetly take that into consideration for the future.

Thanks a lot for the review, I really really apreciate the feedback :).


HAHAHHAH!!!H HAHAHHAHAHAA! .... yea.. funny, like the first one.. hehe

niiiiice ROFLMAO

i LOLed when he fell asleep and the teacher drew a stache on his face. Though, why did he just leave the room and left the teacher unconscious? tis was funny though. keep it up dude :D

somezombie responds:

He was scared as shit that's why! :D