Reviews for "Mushroom Maze"

mad nggrish

no affense but.. it's kinda dull. At some point i didn't get some medals even tho i should get them. I'm not the only one having that problem i see. At level 23 out of 24 i just quit playing. Why bother finishing the game if i don't get the medal anyway.

As for the sounds, no idea how it sounds like. I muted the laptop all day long. And i'm not turning it on eather. Especially not for this.


Like most people (probably,) I came in search of medals. The voice (also like others think) was a bit creepy, and also (as everyone learnt) 3/4 of the level medals don't work. Overall, a pretty fun game.

this is ok

the guys voice is kindof creepy lol but your medals for passing levels do not work. i find this boring but thats me lol XD


Nice concept, but not much more to it than finding coins and completing mazes. Also, the max10, max15, and maxall medals do not work


Glad sound can be disabled.
Also, the 10 max medal does not seem to work. i reached levle 11, no medal.

Amusing for a bit, but gets repetitive and rather annoying at the higher levels.