Reviews for "Mushroom Maze"


I'm pretty sure that nobody would intentionally grind their way though 24 levels of randomly-generated mazes unless there were medals involved....
...and guess what?
Medals are broken.

Controlling the mushroom with the mouse is annoying.

The SFX/Voices got old very quickly.... and the ending... "Knockin' on Heaven's Door?"

This game was a grueling grind that simply did not deliver, and ended with complete disappointment.

3/10 with broken medals, and overall a 4/10 if the medals actually worked.


It was an extremely bland game, with an irritating synthetic voice, reminiscent of Glados, but really annoying. I couldn't keep my attention for 3 levels...

Fix your medals man.

I beat the game but did not get:


What's up with that?

Cuuuute Mushroom

Love this thing, the voices and mushrooms ... but it's repetitive and the controls are not too good, I would prefer keyboard.


I suppose it was alright for a maze game, but at some point you should try either adding some type of enemy or at the very least changing up the scenery some. Just the saaame thing every level, and it got really annoying when it came down to lucky guessing to find your way out of the maze. Also it would be nice to have the option of playing with the arrow keys, if their was then I guess I iddn't look hard enough but using the mous is always a pain to me. Also as stated the level complete medals don't work.