Reviews for "Mushroom Maze"

Fair Enough

Ok, i like this game a lot, what would im prove the game is fixing the medals, using keyboard instead of mouse, HAVE A MUTE BUTTON, change in music, and either give more time, or take away time.


Is not so bad dude, but you can do better. Come on.

Don't sleep? EXACTLY

5 things
1) originality? NO a total ripoff from notch' old zombie game
2) controls? NO my cursor got out of the screen way too many times
3) gameplay? NO need way more time to complete the mazes and its a pattern
4) medals? NO are they glitched they just dont work Max10 Max15 Maxall

5) SOUND??? NO NO NO the voices are so F* annoying and its just asking to be muted, the music is also really bad


I really like the concept, music, and graphics, but there are a few flaws. The voice gets annoying, and the medals dont seem to work. if this was worked on a bit more i would love it.


got me bored to quick. i prefer playing mazegames with a keyboard and maybe some extra time to pick up more coins before exiting the level would be nice