Reviews for "Mushroom Maze"

Sorry but it's the worst game ever

Despite being repetitive this is a pretty fun game. That voice is addictive to listen to too

Nice. The music is like a mixture between Croc and James Bond, and it really fits in with the whole dungeon theme. The mazes in themselves look good, but the way you cast shadows as you move makes it all the better, and it almost looks like the shadows are walls rising upwards, which give the game a really three-dimensional aspect. Also love the main character and how she keeps talking to herself, saying either encouraging or random things, and explaining what she is after each level. It's a small detail but it makes a big difference. The end is inspiring, watching the sunset after having traveled through dungeons for so long. I love this game! :)


metals dont all work

made it to the pointless and confusing ending and I didnt even get the 3 medals for getting to the last level.


I don't give a 1 i give a ZEROOOoooo!
I'm sorry but this game could be better.
The only god thing in this game is GRAPHICS!!!!
and the music is annoying...