Reviews for "Castaway 2"

Love it.

What would be more helpful though, is to put the names of the monsters somewhere. It doesn't take away from the great gameplay, however. 10 stars.

A Highly Underrated Game, Castaway 3? Hell Yeah!

I've never written a serious review of a game...

But I was so sucked into the amazing scenery, fun free roaming and gameplay that I played through the entire game in one sitting (lvl 28) taking roughly 12-18 hours, only missing a few of the final forge quests and talismans.

If I hadn't played Epic Battle Fantasy 3 a week prior to this I would have said this is the Best Flash Game Experience I've ever had! (Remembers Minigame 4 & 5*) Wait scratch that, this IS the Best Flash Game Experience I've ever had!

However the biggest annoyance in this game is the crafting white flash + drum-roll animation, it NEEDS to GO! It makes trying to craft repeatedly require the mental discipline of someone who's sat through the same commercial 100 times.

There are a lot of glitches that you have to learn to deal with but they are manageable, sometimes when crafting the music/screen will freeze up or after you save, the screen goes brown and the http link shows up.

The most serious problem however is the combat and stun/knockback mechanics, I found the idea that you take damage only when your sprite 'touches' monsters to be overly silly and old fashioned, since many monsters don't really have an attack animation.

It makes the combat very abusable through knockback attacks meaning if you play right, you'll rarely get hit or if you, your pet or a monster gets trapped against the wall, you'll take constant 'touching' damage as well as having no way to dodge subsequent attacks. This can easily become one of the most frustrating aspects of the combat in this game especially on the later Ice levels...

It also made all the bosses, a cakewalk once you have them pinned against the wall, even the final one was to easy. Speaking of, 2$ is so cheap for the extra premium edition stuff that it's more trouble going through paypal (especially for minors) to buy it than the price is worth. I'm not sure if having such a feature, will discourages players from playing through it.

However glancing at the item descriptions, you can figure out what they do (Boots of speed?) and considering how overpowered you already become once you get the Razor Sword and 70 Def. Well I wanted to buy it but I knew it would remove what little challenge there was in the game.

Overall the difficulty is not so much statistics but trying to get around the rather glitchy combat, the flying Eye things are the worst to deal with, every single one I've meet in the game are cringe worthy until you kill them. It's very annoying to see when you can actually hit them or avoid getting stun-locked due to how their attack animation works.

Moving on to Pets, the original Baby Loomi unique Pet you start out with, I've found has the highest HP, high balanced Atk/Def, good agi and generally can serve you throughout the entire game. And since you really want a Pet level up with you that it makes little sense to even try to use all the other one's you hatch. The Poison Bug seemed really good at taking agro but almost all the pets lacked the HP/Def to survive like your first Pet.

I didn't replace it until I found the Hell Hound (lvl 24) at the exact lvl as me, it had +20 Str, -10 Def, +10 Agi, -100 HP but generally had 50% more str than the first Pet at the same level. I really missed magic/ranged attacks from most Pets to even make the bother of trying to use them. So while the Stable feature is THERE, you don't really even need it to complete the game which is a bummer.

Enough of that, finally everything I absolutely LOVED about the game:
*The Concept of having a Pet fighting with you is what defines this game
*The Free-roaming is amazingly well designed, better than anything I've played
*The Scenery and all the graphics feel unbelievably alive and beautiful
*The Music is relaxing, it really works, but could be more diverse
*The Crafting is a really nice touch, just get rid of the white flash in a sequel
*The Combat is FUN but skills, stun/knockback is overpowered and all needs to be reworked in a sequel :)

Here's the crafting guide I used: guidology.com/2011/05/03/castaway-2-c rafting


Oh I love your game, but I can't get around this annoying glitch. I'm forced to defeat big blue meanie even before the quest gets activated, so when I finally get that quest, I get stuck in the game :( I want to play this so bad but I can't pass around that glitch! :(

Great game


Good RPG

This is a very nice RPG game in my opinion. It started off kinda slow and I thought it was a bit confusing at first, but as you advance in the game it gets much more fun. The graphics looked very nice and colourful, the music was nice and what I especially liked was the crafting system. It was interesting that you could craft older equipment into something new and much better using certain materials.

The leveling and ability learning system was nice too. Kinda standard, but it's nice that it's in there at least and that you could grow your character in the way you wanted him. Only complaint I have is that the level curve became a little bit steep at some point. About right when you enter the swamp area. There were some monsters there that could stun you and stunning was really cheap in this game. Those flying monsters would just keep coming at you while you were stunned and you could do nothing but see your HP getting drained. They were level 16, but I found that even when you were level 20 or higher you still had great trouble with them. Freezing was another one of those effects that could really fuck you up.

Now at the same time, if you had that Vindictor club, you could completely rape every single boss in the game without having much trouble. Just drive him into a corner and whack him with the club and use Thunder for extra stunning when needed. The bosses could hardly do a thing.

I suggest that you make the stunning effect last a little bit shorter. Like I said, it is pretty cheap and basically became the ultimate strategy later on in the game. I don't know what is the standard level to beat the final boss, but I was level 23 and I had the feeling that was kinda low. Battle was a real walk in the park though.

Overall 10 out of 10, 5 out of 5. Despite that little stunning 'imbalance', I think it was a very good RPG game and I'm quite interested in the sequel. Keep up the good work.