Reviews for "Castaway 2"


it is too easy to die in the game...
defense of the player is like nothing and the monster easily make a critical hit. My player in full health suddenly become 1 Hp after hitting bye the "ice" from the grandma shibi... how could i defeat that boss in such condition??

I hope this game will make more improvement in the future. It can be a great game...

no start button!!!

i would rate it 10 but i cant contine becuse there wont load on the loading screen or show a start button it just freeses after my first play D:


I was really into this for a while but...

- MAP: A proper map is REALLY needed here. The only big one you get is almost completely useless for navigation.
- CRAFTING: I had to consult a guide to find out that I needed to go back to an earlier village to BUY bits and bobs. On top of that...
- RESOURCES: Rubies are FAR too rare considering how many are needed for crafting various items. I never saw ANY ruby deposits in all the hours I played.
- PETS: I like this concept but please explain to me why BABY critters and ADULT critters are different species instead of different stages of the same one? Shouldn't only the adult drop the egg and it'll hatch into a baby and, at a certain point, grow into an adult? Also I had too many unwanted eggs and saw no advantage in restarting pet training with a new one.

That's all I can remember off the top of my head and since I have no intention of playing this again I might as well leave it at that. Generally the game's style (graphics/plot/etc) is good but some of those elements need addressing.

I've been playing for approximately 18 hours and I have an honest review on this game that everyone might find helpful and interesting.

No. 1
The first thing that I noticed was the unbelievable lagg. No matter if the quality is on high, medium or low, it still laggs... Even though the graphics are still pretty damn good on low quality I would suggest finding a way to get the game not to lagg as much... Adding a help button for the convenience of the player would have been nice as well/
No. 2
The second thing I noticed was that the main character was "HORRIBLY" slow! and he attacked very slow as well... You could have sped him up a bit... it would have been a lot more convenient and a lot more player friendly. Also another thing is... he has a shield... why can he "NOT" block attacks with it? You should have made a button to block attacks somewhere nearby the attack button for example (Z, X, C, V, B, N, M) buttons. One of those would have done nicely.
No. 3
I like the fact that you used some of the monsters from your other game "Ultimate Defense 1 & 2" but I've been wondering something about the monsters... why not make the baby monsters be able to grow up into the adult versions? for example (Baby Eye Guy turns into Eye Guy when he hits a certain level).
No. 4
The weapons were nice but I think you should have made each town with it's own different set of weapons... I know you can craft weapons but for those that choose not to make crafting a hobby of theirs I think it would have been more convenient for the players... The music was nice and the affects weren't bad either...
No. 5 I noticed SEVERAL glitches in this game (which is why this game is not getting a 5 star review from me). I also noticed about 6 hours into the game that there were 3 white squares on the ground as if those spots were cut out of the game. Another glitch that nearly got me killed about 5 hours ago was that I was attacking Mother Sobo and she hit me and my character just stopped moving. It also happened about 1 hour before that as well when I was attacking a mob of 3 enemies... I died but luckily for me I saved about 15 minutes before hand. Anoter glitch was the map... sometimes you would pull it up and wouldnt be able to pull it back down... or can't pull up your map at all... when you talk to NPCs you have to click in the chat bubble then press space which got annoying VERY quickly... Look I could and probably should (but wont) go on but I'd better wrap this up. The game has many things that needs to be fixed and several modifications need to be made before I give this game a 5 star rating... The game itself needs to updated as well because I said the lagg is terrible...... 3/5 for good concept and a pretty good game. Exceptional game if you can ignore everything I just mentioned above... Home to see improvements bro... this game has good potential.