Reviews for "Castaway 2"

Stunning - huge, atmospheric, actionfilled ...

... this is definetly one of the longest and biggest Adventure games ever made

This game has ...

- a great atmosphere with ...
..... extremely lively animated foes and heroes
..... Bombastic tilesets, backgrounds and good, fitting music
- a deep story with ...
..... an insane amount of primary and secondary quests
..... nice dialogues!
- an exciting Adventure gameplay with
..... a large variety of foes, dungeons, items, bosses
..... many hours of playing for sure!
- a big variety of innovative ideas, as you can find in
..... the unit, equipment and dungeon design
..... the lively moving foe and attack animations

This game gives you the feeling you're playing THE adventure game.

- - - Overview - - -

[G] Main Idea & Transfer 9 / 10
Creativity & Innovation 3 / 5

[G] General Style 9 / 10
Graphics & Animations 9 / 10
Music 4 / 7
Sounds 2 / 3

[G] Story 9 / 10
Charakter Design, Dialogues 4 / 5

[G] Gameplay 22 / 25
Hero, Foe, Item Design 7 / 8
Skill & Equipement Balance 5 / 7

Medals + 3
INSANE amount of quests, foes and every item class + 5

Altogether: 91 / 100; 9 / 10

- - - CONCEPT - - -
(e.g. the world of the game generally / the main idea / the story: sad or happy? / the environment: light, dark, nature, urban? / Well defined Genre or total new gameplay? / New Ideas or Clichees or both? / Presentation, etc)

So this game lets experience you an adventure: Stranded on a myterious island without being able to remember anything, you're totally on your own to survive and battle your way through sappy grasslands, thunder shores, icy routes in the mountains, fire deserts as well as the dangerously hot and dry volcano lands with the ominously, red glowing ash ground. Soon there are loads of question about the own identy you want to be answered - but instead of getting answers you meet Sigils giving you quests to advance, to come closer to your target you are unsure of ...

Castaway 2 has gotten a lot new features as well as gameplay elements. It has an insane amount of items, foes, bosses, quests and craft combinations. The gameplay doesn't lose its deepness over the various dungeons, the story and main idea are really interesting, though the storytelling is getting a bit dry in the middle of the game.

However, Castaway 2 is definetly a game you have to play, especially if you're a fan of adventure games!

- - - ATMOSPHERE - - -
(e.g. Tilesets [but not mapping] / Background details & ideas / Foe Details / Movement Animations / Music / Attacking Sounds, walking sounds, etc.)

The Atmosphere is a gigantic plus of the game. The tilesets for the many, different terrains are huge but still not based on each other - you put every existing climate zone into this game, and you gave each climate zone unique flowers, trees, rocks and much more. Your love to small but fine details surprised me on and on.

However, even if I like your three soundtracks, put next time some more into your work. The dungeons are huge and consist of many stages, they all really need each one unique theme.

- - - LIVELINESS - - -
(e.g. Way of Storytelling: Comics, movie sequences, images, texts, narrations / Dialogues / Charakteristics of the Heroes / Realistic Reactions etc)

Well, with a few ideas on storytelling and many dialogues (e.g. between pet and the hero!!!), the liveliness of the story would have gotten much better!

If you divide the story of Castaway 2 in ~4 parts, it would be pretty cool if there would be for each one a comic, a video, a narration or a bigger dialogue to contribute to the story smoothly!

(e.g. Dungeon Mapping, Item Placing / Skill & Equipement Balance / Foe & Hero Design / Puzzles etc.)

Besides that I loved nearly everything of the game anyways, the dungeons were simply awesome - each of them was so different from the others, the only thing they had in common was that they all allowed combined with the great atmosphere fun gameplay!

Another fusion with great effect was the one between mapping and the tilesets!

91 / 100; 9 / 10

This game is good but a major flaw.

You have a common problem with flash games.
Bad memory management, if somehow you can figure out how to get a major memory leak that seems to occur "between" levels or during the level transition then the slow down and eventual crash of the game on many computers will cease.
However, this may not be possible.

Also, Path finding needs a great deal of work. A small addition to the algorithm could very easily make your enemies more intelligent, but it would take a bit tooo many words to describe for this review.

You also needed better variety, shooting enemies. Magic enemies that can cause area effects. Healing enemies that heal others and "hide" behind the ones they are helping. Even a kamakazee enemy would have been somewhat fun.

I was also very disappointed to be able to have "many" animals under your name, but not under your control. This isn't pokemon, Let me bring out a army with me. Using a similar interface you could easily manage more then one "creature" but a suggestion if you do in the sequal go this route. Allow "movement" commands to those you order to stand still.As well as a radius of "chase" via a guard command where they will chase and yet return to position if it an enemy goes tooo far away.

Also I almost feel like there needs to be the monster hunter Esq equivalent of a "monster net" for capturing wounded, weakened, or otherwise asleep creatures.

Perform this, and enjoy a masterful game.

very good game

this game is the best castaway now(probly bicuse theres only 2 :D)

but still,good game

p.s:sorry for bad englise,im kinda tired


good game,better story than the last but i prefered the graphics from the 1...

Very good but with minor flaws.

I highly recommend this game but it does have some minor flaws. The biggest is that the monsters don't have pathfinding. This can be abused in some areas for safe kills and can be annoying when your pet is walking into a corner. I would've rated this a 10 had it not been for that. The second is that the game has frozen up on me a couple times but that can be expected with any large flash project.

Now to the good points. This game looks great and has excellent gameplay and a bit of replay value. I personally like a game to be a little more difficult like the first but thats just my preference. Great job and I hope to see a part 3.