Reviews for "Castaway 2"

Better than the original!

I like this game even better than the first one. It reminds me a lot of Secret of Mana.
My only complaint is that a few of the quests ask for you to make something that you've already made. Hence, it messes things up. If there was a way to still get the credit for making it just by having it in your inventory, that'd be great.

Very Good! Found a glitch

Your game is well made and I can see myself enjoying the late game. However, when I was messing around with the crafting, every time it failed to create something, a new loop of the music track would start on top of the original, resulting in like 10 loops of the same song. Very annoying as turning off the music only resulted in one loop turning off. Had to exit the game to get it to stop

Great game

I enjoyed playing it, graphics are great and music is nice.

But I wanted to address some issues:

1. While crafting, if you cancel it after pressing 'create item', the screen freezes.
2. Once, using the forge of nymphs, the game froze.
3. I found it annoying that you can sell the stick, only to find out there's a whole quest chain oing about it. Even though it is kind of my own fault, it would be nice if important unique items are made unsellable.
4. As your pet stays alive nicely, it's a bit unnecessary to have eggs drop at such a rate. Either one egg per species, or make it a rare drop. Running around with 7 eggs of the same species, taking up weight and unsellable, felt kind of annoying.

But overall a good game. (as far as the freezing is concerned, fortunately a save on every screen allows for a quick reboot)

getting better!

I love almost everything about noth castaway games but this one was better by far the only reason i gave it a 9/10 is because the quests become very boring very quickly as well as that theres not many ways to learn recipes to make gear and such as well as the regular lag spots as well as if i die i have to reload the game to continue but overall good work cant wait to whats to come

So i'm playing and everything is f ing great...

hence the 10/10 but i cannot continue playing because i think i opened the map before it was supposed to be introduced into the storyline !? and i can not figure out how to close the map. HALP!!!