Reviews for "Castaway 2"

better than first but

lots of glitches, but i really enjoy it :D

This game is great, but

I liked the old graphics better they gave it a cool old time rpg asppect, but don't get me wrong this is still a great game.

great game

Ive played the game earlier today but when I want to play now I'm missing the play button. Anyone that can help me ?

Great game but...

I sold my stick before I got that sorcerer's apprentice quest where you need the stick... anyway to get it back or make a new one?


Alright, this is a solid game. I've been playing it for a good while (maybe 4 or 5 hours), and the fact that I've kept going is a good sign. Overall it's a fun time. But there are some really irritating flaws, mostly cropping up at later points in the game.

First off, make a more detailed map. Like other users pointed out, it's a BIG pain in the ass trying to figure out where you're going, and occasionally it turns out you're running in circles or in the wrong area completely. That type of thing is very annoying and could be easily avoided.

Second, I've only played through this game once so I have tested out different ways to organize your stats, but I poured into agility and magic while upgrading my lightning spells first. This sets you up for an automatic win against virtually every boss you meet - all it takes is a thunder dome and maaaybe a lightning strike to completely annihilate whatever boss is in question.

Another issue with the magic: I found the fire sprite spell is completely useless. I thought the sprites would attack the entire screen, which would make sense since the other level 3 spells affect a wide area as well, but they require you to basically run into your enemies at a huge risk of self-harm for a tiny damage off. Also, a minor glitch - I died in the same room as I did when I upgraded my fire sprites and used them for the first time, and when I respawned one of them was still around (though eventually went away). In yet another fire-related issue, I found the fireball would pass directly through enemies which would likely cause me to get hit. It's really a luck of the draw situation using that spell, so often I just didn't use it all. Freezing or stunning enemies wouldn't help either.

Another big issue for me was the lack of smoothness of the ice world. At this point the game was hard enough that I felt I should only have to worry about the monsters, but the ice movements are jerky as fuck and resulted in MANY deaths for me in that area, despite the crazy strength of the lightning spells mentioned above. This was mainly the thing that made want to stop playing the most - I feel like the difficulty takes a big leap up and should be kind of smoothed out. Another glitch here as well - it's hard to tell exactly where it happens, but sometimes when walking back on solid land from the ice, my pet (I kept the initial loomis) would tightly follow me, and I would move very very slowly until I walked on ice again, when the loomis would 'unstick' and I would be able to walk at normal speed. Really, the icy areas were hard enough without having to deal with stuff like that.

Also, the sheer amount of gold you get by the ice stage is kind of nuts. It's not really a complaint, but there's nothing to use all that gold on once you buy all the toughest armour and your agility is high enough. I'd recommend having stronger items available for sale at later points in the game, or maybe even have gems shards available at a reasonably high price, since it could be really frustrating trying to find them in the wild when you needed them to complete a crafting quest.

I hope I don't come off like hating on your game. Like I said, I enjoyed it, and I'll probably finish it now that I've made it this far. Hopefully you can improve on the points mentioned above and turn a pretty good game into a fantastic one. Cheers.