Reviews for "Castaway 2"


but..................on the other hand, the play button doesn't apear when I go to the page


i love this game mostly because i love to get eggs hatch them and have them as pets to battle with, tho there is one thing that sucks about the game and that is you walk really slow...can you update where he walks faster or have a choice of a girl hero, =D AWESOME GAME keep it up

Great game and really fun but has a few bugs

I really like this game and it's really fun but sometimes when I'm combining things the game just suddenly freezes up for some reason. I'm not sure if it's my computer or the game itself. The autosave feature really saved me.


It's not bad, but a few minor problems keep it from being great.

First, and I'm not sure this is a glitch, a problem with my personal system, or an error in the programming: when you equip gear, your stats are adjusted, but the secondary stats based off the main four aren't.
Say I equip a wand with +6 Magic. In theory, after the cumulative bonus to my Magic stat, this should boost the damage output of my spells, and total mana, however neither total seems to have changed.

Second: Lack of a buyback option in a game with unique items. If I sell something I shouldn't for whatever reason, it's gone for good, and if I wanted that item, I've got to start all over again.

Third: Crafting quests don't check against your recipe book to see if you have crafted the required item before, and instead only recognise it when you actually craft the item with the quest in your log. This can be a bit frustrating when you craft something difficult and material consuming, only to have a quest show up only a little later that asks you to craft it again. Again, this is made worse by having unique items used in crafting associated with a quest. If someone crafts the item without bothering to pickup the quest, they'll never be able to complete it.

Fourth: A lack of alternate background music tracks. It's very nice for the first little while... but it starts to grate before too long and there's not much a player can do to change it short of outright muting it.

Beyond that: It's a very good game, with nice combat mechanics, simple and fluid controls, and some very well written dialogue.


I was going to wait till I finished this game till I write my review but unfortunately I just don't have the time needed to get into this game also once I fully got the concept there wasn't much that was keeping me from playing.

There are a few bugs mainly happening when i was crafting. One of them was that I noticed some background music looping softer than the song that was playing. This was getting on my nerves so i turned the in-game music off on the menu which left the annoying softer music. Another bug was when i was testing different crafting possibilities the crafting animation stopped and I couldn't craft anything. The other bugs i noticed were manageable and with the crafting bug it turned out alright thanks to your auto save feature.

I liked the fact that you could see what your character is wearing and also loved the pet but felt no need to change to another pet as the one you start with is cute and keeps up to your level. One thing I hated was crafting an item and later getting the quest to craft the item. This made me have to reacquire the materials needed. It would be helpful if you have the recipe for it already that you didn't have to craft it again.

This is a fantastic game and most of my time was spent mixing everything together and searching for wood... I seemed unlucky as whenever I was searching for wood I just found alot of berries in those bushes and then later those lightning snakes started giving me wood.

Only one point lost from the bugs as they didn't ruin the game completely. I'll try to continue to play this game in my spare time till I get the end screen.
9/10 4/5