Reviews for "Castaway 2"

Great game


J'aime beaucoup le Castaway. (Oh yeah, French...)

Improvement 8/10
Definitely wayyyy better than the first one, my pets kept dying, it was slow, but in this one, it's pretty much balanced.

Forging 9/10
It's cool, but I don't like not being given hints on what items go together to make certain items. Other than that, it's tight, man.

Fighting 10/10
I like the simple one button mashing to deal damage type of games, like Zelda, God of War, etc.

Pets 7/10
Like I said, there is improvement that was made since the last Castaway, but I still feel that the pets don't really have much of an attribute to the game. I like just letting my character sit over night and gaining like 7 level ups because of my pet's auto attacking all the respawning monsters. Other than that though I could beat the game with out it.
Suggestion - If you have ever played Secret of Evermore, you would know that the pet system is pretty simple, your dog can't use very many special attacks, but it can be controlled by you and there are certain things that only the dog can do. If you some how incorporated that, I think the game would be a whole lot more than just you fighting with a little help. You could add puzzles, special abilities that pets can do or even just make it to where you can forge certain elements/attacks/weapons into the pet. Think about it man. Unless you don;t want to make a third installment. That's all cool, but I personally would like to see a third one.

Adventure/Secrets 7/10
I like the brushes being in the way to prevent you from moving further until the inevitable slash, but I think you should have put more secret places that don;t show up on the map. Like a group of suspicious bushes gaurding this one little area that's not even on the map. "Woah, what is that?" You go look then find a hidden weapon that can make the game easier. You feel me?

Functioning 6/10
It functions pretty well, aside from the random glitching I get when I'm selling/forging items. The graphics are great, the set up is amazing, I just dislike the occasional freeze I get whenever I mess with my items. I understand that there's the auto save, it's just really really annoying.

Overall 7/10
It was originally 7.8, but I rounded down because I feel that the glitch where it freezes is really annoying and needs to be focused on more. Other than that, I really like the game. Keep up the good work. :)


I love all RPGs, but this is one of the best


I love this game very very addictive