Reviews for "Castaway 2"

this was my favrote game

i liked the 1st one and ive been waiting a while foe 2 to come out and BANG there it is

Despite some buggy moments, it was very fun.

I haven't played a good Flash RPG in awhile, so it was fun to play this one.

I must say, sometimes randomly putting things together in the Crafting is funny when you're not told to make it, that is.

Timber + Iron Ingot = Nail Bat.

O_O <-Myfacewhen.jpg

Good but...

The game was lots of fun to just play around in. Pets are neat, it has solid playablity, and its addictive. However, the gliches ruined this game for me. The first issue was simple freezing whenever you played around too much with your items or crafted one too many times. My main complaint is that after one of these freezes, my game was completely erased. After another foray into the game, the game again erased my data. Sadly, I never got very far. Fix these glitches and you have a winner on your hands.


in the first one, the one eyed dragon was suposidly, "one of its kind, and no others", yet there are lots in this game, but they can fly, wtf?

Quite addicting

Castaway 2 is very addicting. I love the pets too. :)