Reviews for "Castaway 2"

Great game.

Really combines a lot of genres, best description I can muster is Mincraft + RPG Adventure + Pokemon, but that falls a bit short. I have to admit that the over-polished graphics led me to believe some sort of generic polished art, generic genre, generic advertisement induced game, but you proved me wrong like no other, gameplay's fantastic, but ice is a bit buggy, frustrating as hell at times. Main bugs are walking at about 1/4 speed if you melee thrust yourself off the ice, dangerous one. However, the OTHER bug is even more dangerous, if you use just about any attack while you have an enemy cornered on ice, you fly into them, even if you stopped sliding before doing so, so your backing them into the corner bashing of doom is more like suicidal plunge after plunge, really sucks with the fiery fox boss, had to burn 3/4 of my health potions. Final problem was collecting duplicate pet eggs, as pet leveling was terribly linear and you couldn't sell or craft with eggs, not even like an omelet (yea I'm terrible, turn babies into food) But it was rather fun collecting a bit of each and leveling with them, kickin ass in an army of two fashion.

Fantastic Work, keep it up!
9/10, 5/5. ~WCCC

sweet game

Very good,much better then the first,but the first some reason i can't get to the forge of nymphs


Too much bugs you really need to fix it
first i can't move completely and died....then i completed a quest,then it says completed it twice

this was my favrote game

i liked the 1st one and ive been waiting a while foe 2 to come out and BANG there it is

Despite some buggy moments, it was very fun.

I haven't played a good Flash RPG in awhile, so it was fun to play this one.

I must say, sometimes randomly putting things together in the Crafting is funny when you're not told to make it, that is.

Timber + Iron Ingot = Nail Bat.

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