Reviews for "Castaway 2"

were and how do i hatch a egg?

same how do i and were do i go to hatch a egg

amazing depth

Very smooth gameplay, deep crafting options, quality graphics, and a leveling system. Very good rpg. Even the music went well with the game, and wasn't too annoying, which is rare for flash. I look forward to the next installment (hopefully:)

For those looking for a crafting guide, go to http://guidology.com/2011/05/03/casta way-2-crafting-guide/

Exactly what I expected!

Now, I was a fan of Castaway 1, and I saw every single one of the improvements in here go flying by in the comments.

And Your listened, and you worked hard, and THIS is what everyone was waiting for! And its perfect! For every request made, you delivered and more, you integrated it perfectly, balancing out what was needed, and how it would fit (without overpowering anything).

Thanks for making this! It means a lot to everyone one of the fans here.

Love it!

im a big fan of rpg's and lets just say that the ones that ive played latley are worthless! this is a game that is hard to come by..good job!

Few bugs

Its a real good game, but some parts of it ruin it for me, like why does nearly every attack miss, it freezes sometimes, and my pet seems to think its funny knocking enemies into me, other than that great game