Reviews for "Castaway 2"


da games a-some ...
but sumtyms when i load it it doesnt work


down side: slow in loading
good: well constructed rpg, crafting new weapons, upgrading skills , adding other npc characters to the one you already have

Very addictive

Very nice game with RPG element. Very nice that you can have a pet with you! A tip: more different monsters, at some time it bored me.

Good but a glitch.

This is a great game, it would be a ten but I keep on sliding off to the side and not being able to get back. Then I have to restart. Once it happened and I lost about an hour of data.

greate game

i really enjoyed the first part of the game
using shards to cast spells was very ogriginal idea, i didnt like you couldnt build your stats and all
good we can at castaway 2 :D
anyway a'some game