Reviews for "Castaway 2"

no start button!!!

i would rate it 10 but i cant contine becuse there wont load on the loading screen or show a start button it just freeses after my first play D:

Awesome XD

Finish the game. It was a very great game. 9/10

My suggestion:
-You should put more skill into battle line :). Playing warrior is a bit boring with only 3 skills where mage have many skills(but it's still fun anyway)
-You should have an option to save not just only autosave. Umm..It exist already but it is in the first town and only first town :S
-Boss is too easy(final boss is okay but you should put something into other bosses)
-Maybe you should give a more clear map. I don't know....just maybe. It maybe alright this way to many people but it make me lost sometime.

Bug report:
-If you do craft thing a lot(not sure if this is the tricker or not) you game will freze sometime
-Slipping on ice is a bit glitchy. It just become slower or faster for some reason.
-Slipping on ice again. Sometime when you walk from ice to land, you character will walk very slow. You have to go back to ice and walk to land again to fix it :S
-You can moonwalk XD
-Hit detection is a bit messy. It's fine now but it'll be good if you can improve it.
-Sometime you will get a random freze when fighting. Game still run but you can't move. Just can't move. You can fix it manually by using any skill just once and you'll be able to walk again. I don't know what's the tricker.


The only RPG series that tops this on ANY system is Kingdom Hearts! I love CASTAWAY 2!


how can you get out of the map after pressing the teleport stone\player's location??


is super but im cant play in mi older computeder T-T