Reviews for "Castaway 2"

Awesome!! Every moment in the game you need to do something, i can not describe it. It is the only game to get 4.5 stars on my list (except for wasted youth)

took me some time but i finally beat the game. had a lot of fun playing it too.

Took me a lil while but i destroyed it!! Great game of course, Spectacular.
Only minor problem is a bit of confusion with walking around, But that was probably just me and it was solved quickly.

5/5 Of course, Since this game was pretty damn amazing.

great game but some quest has lack of information about it kind of difficult to solve it but great game

i was thinking how many years to make this game,the game had a Perfecto quality which is relaxing we all,and also,i was think the game was hard to make,especially the gameplay,I hope Castaway 3 will be better and had 2 feature which can help us,that is : (1) Egg sell feature (2)The recipe book had a sort,kinda like from A-Z,Z-A,Newest,and Oldest,Thx for the game,Mr Likwid Games :') (I was happy and crying when looking this perfect game)