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Reviews for "Castaway 2"

It being so SO long time and finally finish the game
I couldn't finish it scene I was kid. This game is awesome tho. :)

epic reminds me of old school RPG's

should make a full screen but good game would be 5 if it did

I Like this game i hope you add multiplayer so i will make you 5 star every day ;)

Honestly, I threw away more hours than I care to admit to Castaway 2. The pet system had me ironically slaughtering my favorite animals for the better part of an hour every time I decided to play it, and I can never remember finishing it, even though I played it obsessively for a long time. I can't really remember much about the game, except that it was massive and felt very lonely. Peaceful, yes, but lonely all the same. The statue NPCs never really felt 'real' to me, more like signposts than anything else. The crafting, however, was one of the better aspects to be certain. Nothing ever looked particularly dangerous, most enemies seeming as if they would be at home in a children's game. I do recall, however, that the game would spank you if you were careless. And now I think about it, I can certainly recall slapping my hand to my forehead in exasperation upon seeing my adorable pet slaughtered by something equally cutesy, forcing me to return to its species' stomping grounds to enact another holocaust upon their ranks. However, it was always worth doing. I can never remember rage-quitting the game for any reason at any time, it always just...got boring after a while. I ended up coming back after a while, though, and starting all over again. There is one glaring flaw in Castaway 2, however; the lack of a compelling story or characters. The protagonist is a nobody, with no character besides being a bit of a chump, and there are no supporting characters. None. The plot must've been even less important, because I've forgotten it entirely. However, Castaway 2 manages to keep this fault squarely in the 'glaring' category, rather than let it graduate to 'fatal.' I may be biased toward Castaway 2, as I love games that attempt to drown me in content, as my World of Warcraft addiction can attest to. Perhaps someday I'll finish it. Until then, I'll give the team behind Castaway 2 a standing ovation here on a wonderful entry-level RPG.