Reviews for "Castaway 2"

This is my kind of game. I love RPGs and Zelda; this game is like it's love-child. Very awesome game. The graphics, gameplay and music is top notch! Been playing for hours~

played it five minutes. im hooked. good job.

Game wont go past loading screen. Most reviews rate this game amazing andI believe them, but I also read other people having the same problem so because of that this game needs to be fixed. Only think I can think of is that the "Play" button is in the dead center on the screen...right behind the ad newgrounds desided to put on everything without a way to close them. If that is the case or not Im sure that would effect a lot of things on newgrounds. Newgrounds, make a way to close those dam ads, even youtube gives us ways to close ads.

The best flash RPG game I ever played!
Nice graphics, fun gameplay, relaxing music and that made me and again I will play for hours!
5/5 Ever!

This game very Awesome!!