Reviews for "Castaway 2"


I'd like to play, but there's no 'Play" button, so I'll come back later because I loved the first one

Oh i played this in the past but err... how do you start the game, i finished the game but uh... how do you start? is their a speacial button or do i have to wait or?


Well, finished the game today, and I have to say it's a great game, and a huge improvement over Castaway I. The original can be really frustrating to play, this game is actually fun!

1. Great graphics
2. Nice pet system... I really love my pet!
3. A huge world, takes a lot of hours to beat
4. One of the best flash RPGs online... and it's free!

1. Can lag if you have a slow computer
2. Lots of glitches that have to be fixed! White screen, freezing, not able to move... really affect the experience.
3. Repetitive music... there are only 3 tracks I think, they are very nice to hear at first, but repetitive afterwards.
4. No detailed map... almost guaranteed to lost unless we look for a walkthrough online.
5. Hatching takes way too long!
5. Very, very little hints of what I'm supposed to do/not do. Just a few examples: There's no way to know I shouldn't sell the stick because it's important for a later quest. And if I craft an item before a crafting quest, I cannot finish the quest.
6. The weight system is quite annoying and doesn't really add anything to the gameplay.

Despite the negatives though, I can see a lot of effort put into the game and I have great fun playing it.

Tips to players:
1. This is the best walkthrough/guide for the game:
http://guido logy.com/2011/05/03/castaway-2-crafti ng-guide/ (no space)

2. The mage class is the best class (maybe even overpowered). Learn Miasma (tier 3 poison) and Thunder Dome (tier 3 thunder) and you will level up real fast!

3. Loomi is the best pet in the beginning of the game, but towards the middle, get a Glacier Anacondas (Ice Snake). Towards the end, get a Fire Starter (Lava turtle thing). It is the best pet overall.

4. The best weapons are Razor Sword, Morning Star and Deadwood Staff.

5. Don't rush, or you'll get stuck without the important items to proceed.