Reviews for "The Mighty Jungle!"

good, good

Decent quality visuals fitting to a funny song. I enjoyed it. It brings me into a good mood and that is everything I want when coming to Newgrounds. Maybe a bit short but that's okay for now. :3

Cristo responds:

It was good, good. Glad you like the animation, and the song!


very good and funny!! :D

Cristo responds:

Thank you so much!


I can only think of two things to say about this:

You are a great animator and Stalagmite is an amazing voice actor.

The animation and art were really smooth on this, and the extra parts you added were just great! Hopefully, one day, the collab can get back on its feet, but this really deserved its own submission. Thanks for supporting the collab! Keep up the great work. You've created some really fun characters who can really be used for versatile projects.

Cristo responds:

Thank you so very super awesome much!