Reviews for "Nyan Cat: Lost in Space"


Its been done, this whole nyan cat phase is really starting to bug me.

all people like you are trying to do is redo it to get votes and views and rated.

as someone else posted, this is unoriginal and monotone at best.

And in my own oppinion the first game failed on an epic scale, your just jumping on the bandwaggon like everyone else.

Come up with your own idea, making a slight change to gameplay and keeping everything that was annoying from the other one gives you a 0.

MyLostGames responds:

This game is absolutely own idea, the main character could be dog, monkey, or any other. Yes, Nyan Cat is popular now, and this game is little bit more than 0 / 10, I think :)

Yes, this is not the first platform game on the universe.

Even Better

This version is even better than the new one I'd say, because it has achivements, giving it more purpose to play rather than just getting highscores. Cool game.

Enjoyable nyanness

Very fun and a good time waster with lots of nyans to boot. Definitely worthwhile.


I love how obvious it is that the the top score is a hack 1337 is elite in computer speak, so 13371337 is a huge red flag.

MyLostGames responds:

13M is real score, you also can reach it. The solution: Lot of practice, and milk bottles :)