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Reviews for "The Abusive Review Quiz"

It's ok.

Hmmm... My first review in quite awhile. I just randomly watched this and noticed my name in it so I decided to leave a review.

You can't really have helpful and useless as an option in quizzes like this. Depending on different opinions they are going to be either or. For example, the review that said they should add more medals is a tweener. The author could very well find that as helpful, but at the same time another one could very well find it useless. Can you see where you made a big mistake there?

Now, of course, there were several obvious useless ones, but it's still too much opinion to put on a quiz. Most people find reviews that say, "This was awesome!!!" as useless, but when I receive a review like that on one of my flashes I love it. It's helpful to me because I know the person wouldn't want anything to change and this influences how I make flash in the future.

You made a mistake not showing what flash the review was for as well. A review of all code like the first one is fine and great for a flash that produces level codes for other users. If this was reviewed on a completely different flash that didn't have this then it would obviously be abusive for being spam like. The same with the one that starts with He's on crack. If this is for a game with a level code then it's fine, but if not then it's spam and abusive.

You make a really big mistake when you don't show the answers. Like I said, most would be wrong because you would be giving a specific answer when it really matters on the opinion like I mentioned before. At least show the ones that would be marked as abusive. You really defeat the entire purpose of this flash without showing which ones are abusive. I'm assuming the point was to teach or test some people's knowledge. If you got some answers wrong on a test you'd like to know which ones so you don't make the same mistakes in the future right?

There were a few good things though. Nice background and graphics even if they were generic. Same thing goes with the audio choice here. The reviews were good examples, but like I said before, without the title of the flashes and a description of the flash you've failed to get across the sure answer on whether some of the reviews are actually abusive or not.

All in all I guess I left a somewhat negative review, but I'm just trying to help. You made a lot of mistakes that really brought down the quality of this flash, but another hours worth of work on this could turn my 6 into a 9 or 10 fairly quickly. Keep on working and keep on creating things.

Hacsev responds:

I should probably change your username in the flash, I didn't know it had changed.

I decided to classify them as useless since it didn't gave any constructive criticism, and you my friend taught me that.

And addition like "This was awesome!!!" would have been great. I still have confusion with those, though. Because if they don't add anything other than that, I consider them as useless.

I didn't want to show the flashes were I got those since it would give you guys ideas, but I guess I should have explained why it wasn't abusive. Besides, most of the reviews were invented.

Yes, I basically wanted to test users knowledge. And again, I'm really sorry for not including the reasons. I had lots of problems with the actionscript codes.

Never the less, I really enjoyed reading your review and nice to see you giving me some feedback. Thanks for the review, Corky!


Great Idea, I would have liked this more if it was a small bit longer oh well.

I have some ideas if you want to make a sequel.

Difficulty mode! That would have been great! Easy, Medium, Hard.

Browse some real reviews which are so retarded (like the one below) and screenshot it in. Great game, Nice one on the award

Hacsev responds:

Thanks for the review! I appreciate the idea, but for the next one I'm going to make the reviews appear randomly.

A great game

good game I wish I could make flash I have so many ideas but don't no how to do anyway great game and good medals

So good game, not bad!

Oh gosh I hope I'm doing this right
I just click the little yellow button, right? Every time?