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Reviews for "The Abusive Review Quiz"

Not Bad


Having a quiz like this is alright. The first time, I scored 16/20, then eventually moved up to 19/20. Can't seem to find that last one.

As for the Flash itself:
- On the intro screen - I get the "Loading..." text, but it seems to stay in this mode indefinitely... the loading never seems to finish.
- The backwards Flash logo doesn't look right.
- The music is an ok choice. I really only like the opening melody. Mute is a good option.
- Graphics look ok, but apparently you were going after the NG look, which is fine. The circular buttons look like they have square backgrounds, as you can see that around the corners, and makes them look a little awkward.

On the the content:
- Probably should show more info about each question, such as whether or not it's a game or movie, and probably the rating the reviewer gave as well. Try to make it emulate the actual environment a little more.
- As others have suggested, if we get one wrong, you should show us the correct answer, and why you feel that answer is correct. Apparently, there is one (maybe more) whose correct answer I don't agree with.

Nonetheless, nice Flash, soldier.

- Ziro out.


Also that "Resend Medals" button is a nice touch just in case one might not get medals to appear on page when they should. The only think you could have possibly done is something another user had done earlier and try to make a few different kind of sample reviews along with adding in a random coding that changes between reviews to a new random one rather than the same ones.

The background was a nicely done yet simplistic thing and the medals don't appear to be hard to get .I guess it could be a good starter piece for someone who is not used to flagging reviews or submissions. I think you did a nice job on this one for your first actual game piece.

Overall, good effort, nice medals.

Hacsev responds:

I also thought of doing that, but I couldn't find a code for it. Something like "Name that Pokemon" flash, right?

Yes, it is a really easy quiz for starters. There is still a secret medal which no one but me has obtained. I won't reveal much, but if you PM me I'll give you 2 hints. Thank you for your review, SCTE3!


i like the concept!!! i hope the medals get up soon!

Hacsev responds:

They're up!

Good little quiz

This is a cool quiz , this might teach people how to flag reviews correctly . This is a fairly simple quiz , the medals are something to strive for and adds replayability value to the game . Good work !

Cool! I got A Silver!