Reviews for "Patapon 4: Modern Warfare"


I honestly have mixed feelings about this. I love patapon. I have all three games and while they are fun and challenging this had some very strong positives but negs as well. It was pretty funny when they shot Gorl with a cannon. Though the whole intro story seems poorly constructed, i mean first you complain about the abuse of resources and destroying all their enemies, so. why would this lead them to fighting each other? As well as how does that reference modern warfare? Then you randomly put metal gear solid in there? Which was funny by itself, but with the rest of it just seemed out of place, btw. Shoulda called it Metal Crab. Also the Zigotons were kinda cruedley drawn,

mohawkade responds:

It's just a parody, not meant to be taken seriously.

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I understand the concept and I see that you were trying to aim for a serious yet funny approach, but to be honest and fair, it wasn't really as funny. It made sense though, on how the whole thing was made up. Either way, the animation's great and even if it ain't your best, at least it's something. The Metal Gear Solid patapon caught me off guard^^; But the way you used that and Modern Warfare game theme was pretty creative.
Keep it up :3


I didnt think it was too funny but the concept is good, I actually wanted to buy the game lol, the animation was great I liked how you used other movies and turned them patapon :D


Though that I get the Crab Battle reference probably means I spent to much time on the internet.

Great concept

Only thing I had a problem with is the timing with some of the scenes. The 300 cliff scene and the tree could have been funnier if they went by a bit faster in my opinion.